The Vulnerable Humanitarian Book Circle: Come Join Us!

Would you like to join me and a group of curious, open-hearted readers to reflect upon the ideas and practices contained within The Vulnerable Humanitarian?

The Vulnerable Humanitarian Book Circle will be starting on the 10th and 11th February!

Why a Circle?Because as well as being a place to discuss the chapters you are reading, it will be an opportunity to reflect, share and listen. My intention is for the circle to be a safe container of trust, empathy, belonging, hope and joy – which we will build together in each session.


We will be coming together every 3 weeks to reflect on a chapter in each session.

Would you like to join us?

If so, you have two different times to choose from. The first two groups begin on these dates:

Thursday 10th February 5-6.30 pm UTC/6-7.30pm CET/12-1.30 pm EST/8-9.30 pm EAT

Friday 11th February 1-2.30 pm UTC/2-3.30 pm CET/8-9.30 am EST/4-5.30 pm EAT

Full dates and content are as follows: 

10th/11th February: Introductions, getting to know each other and The Vulnerable Humanitarian. Please read the Introduction and browse the chapters as preparation. 

3th/4th March: The Perfect Humanitarian: what’s expected of aid workers and why it’s problematic. Please read Chapter 1 as preparation. 

24th/25th March: Stress, What Stress? Please read Chapter 2 as preparation. 

14th/15th April: Wellbeing: Lost Connections. Please read Chapter 3 as preparation. 

5th/6th May: Making Wellbeing Inclusive and Central to Aid Practice. Please read Chapter 4 as preparation. 

26th/27th May: Assessing your Organisational Culture. Please read Chapter 5 as preparation. 

16th/17th June: Welcoming the Vulnerable Humanitarian: practices for self- and collective care. Please read Chapter 6 and the Conclusion as preparation

I will be supporting you along the way, facilitating you in the group and answering any questions you may have about the book’s content – both during and outside the sessions. In between each online session I will be encouraging you to stay connected with the book and the group – through check-ins and prompts about the chapters you have been reading, how they resonated for you, and how you may apply what you have learned in your life and work. The book circle will help build community and connection around the common challenges in the aid sector, and how we may overcome them. 

Sliding Scale Fee: 

I am offering this book circle as an opportunity to engage more deeply with The Vulnerable Humanitarian and with me, the author. By signing up to it, you will be supported not only in reading and understanding the book, but also in applying some of the key learnings, tools and practices into your working life. In addition to this, we will be co-creating a community committed to radical culture change in the aid sector – empowering ourselves and each other to be more compassionate, inclusive and caring in our work spaces and beyond them. An investment in this book circle will cover 7 sessions lasting 1.5 hours each, plus the resources and support you will receive in between each session. 

You have three options:

Low income fee: $50

Middle Income Fee: $100

Higher Income Fee: $150 

Interested? Then please use the contact form to let me know what day and time you prefer on the 10th/11th February, and I’ll send you the full details for booking.

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