No Belonging without Vulnerability

“We can not find belonging without vulnerability” These words were spoken to me recently by a wise woman, a doula, who is a friend of mine. We were sharing in celebration of the gift economy, and of a generous community that can sustain us. We were celebrating our recent success in raising tens of thousands … Read more

A Culture of Care in Advocacy

Here I share some reflections and suggestions for engaging in advocacy in a way that honours a culture of care for ourselves and others. My younger self was quite combative. Out of necessity, I felt. In Palestine, Uganda, Kenya and other countries I worked in, I spent my days either researching or writing about forced … Read more

What does peace mean for you in 2024?

Like many, I have started the year full of intentions and ideas for how I wish the year to evolve – in my business and in my personal life. But I have also started it with dismay and heartbreak as I witness what is unfolding in Gaza. I worry too about the violence and bloodshed … Read more

Drinking the Tears of the World

These words, taken from a chapter heading of Francis Weller’s exquisite book on the sacred work of grief, The Wild Edge of Sorrow, struck me this morning. It has moved me to share with you my reflections on the outpouring of grief events in Israel/Palestine have triggered, and some simple (though, possibly, uncomfortable) practices to … Read more

Embodying the Sacred Feminist

I am excited to be launching a new workshop during summer festival season in the UK: Embodying the Sacred Feminist. This workshop arises out of the interesting, at times challenging, space I navigate between the wellbeing sphere and feminist, anti-racist and decolonial practice. You can attend my new workshop at All About Love, 2-8 August … Read more

The Alchemy of Grief and Aloneness

TW: This blog piece discusses death and grief. Go gently and ask yourself if reading this right now will support you. I write this from a beautiful, quirky 16th century farmhouse in the Hereford countryside not far from the border between England and Wales. I am here on my own reading and writing retreat; taking … Read more

Green shoots: what nature tells us about our work

Here in Brighton in the south of England I’ve been enjoying the first signs of Spring. The blue skies and fresh, crisp air. And the appearance of the familiar green shoots rising from the earth, that I know will soon blossom into magnificent bright yellow daffodils. Known as ‘imbolc’ in the celtic and pagan traditions, … Read more

Avoiding the New Year ‘shoulds’

It is the start of 2023, and I’m going to resist the collective habit of sharing or encouraging intentions or resolutions. And instead just acknowledge that for many, including myself, the start of the year has thrown a few curveballs and unexpected challenges. This has meant, for me, that there’s very little space or time … Read more

Mental Health Day: making wellbeing a collective effort

Today is World Mental Health Day. I’d like to use this occasion to raise some questions around what we mean by mental health, and how we may address it in different way within our communities and organisations. Here we go:   1.  How do we understand mental health? This in itself can be a very … Read more

Burnout feels ubiquitous right now…

This summer I came to grips with the fact that I – a so-called expert on burnout – might myself be burning out, again. I took time to completely slow down, seek professional help and reconnect with myself and with people around me.  Then I realised that many others I talked to felt the same – overwhelm, … Read more