Book Circle & Retreats

Book Circle & Retreats

I offer online and in person retreat programmes for humanitarians and change-makers.

These are spaces for rest, healing and joint learning among people who value deep connection and want to come away feeling rejuvenated and with new ideas for putting collective care into practice.

It's amazing how much hope, courage and inspiration can be built when we come together in a sacred space of listening and sharing.

I offer day long and weekend in person retreats, and longer deep dives over the course of several weeks.

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The Vulnerable Humanitarian Book Circle

Welcome to a space designed not just for reading, but for deep listening, sharing, and meaningful action within the aid worker community.

The Vulnerable Humanitarian Book Circle offers a sanctuary where truth-telling, vulnerability, and connection flourish.

Here, we explore themes from my book The Vulnerable Humanitarian with a focus on fostering inclusivity, compassion, and collective wellbeing.


What to Expect

In each monthly online session, we delve into a different theme from The Vulnerable Humanitarian, inviting participants to engage in open dialogue and reflection. This isn't your typical book club; it's a supportive environment where participants can explore how to apply the book's insights to their personal and professional lives. Together, we cultivate actionable strategies rooted in anti-oppression, care, and resilience.

You're welcome to join any session, but attending regularly offers a comprehensive understanding of the book and practical tools for implementation, and brings you into a community that is treading the same path of culture change from the inside out.

Each session incorporates key routines and self-care practices from The Vulnerable Humanitarian, empowering participants to navigate challenges with clarity and courage.

Themes We'll Explore Include:


The Perfect Humanitarian

Are you a perfectionist? Would you like to unlearn your perfectionism? Come and share how we challenge white saviourism and other heroic narratives, and show up with more truth and wholeness. 


Stress, what Stress?

What do you find difficult to share about your struggles as a humanitarian worker and why? Let's bring awareness to silenced voices and struggles, and inspire action for systemic change.


Making Wellbeing an Anti-Racist, Decolonial Endeavour

What does wellbeing mean to you? How do we move from the individual to collective in our wellbeing efforts? Here we will challenge dominant narratives about mental health and foster approaches that embrace diverse perspectives.

Are you Ready to Embrace the Journey of Vulnerability and Connection?

How to Join the Book Circle

The Vulnerable Humanitarian Book Circle is open to everyone committed to creating positive change in the aid sector. Join us as we embark on a journey of learning, growth, and collective action. Together, we can create a more compassionate and resilient community.


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Receive a free chapter of The Vulnerable Humanitarian and a 25% discount code to buy the book, when you sign up to my newsletter


What People Say About The Book Circle

"As someone just starting a career within the Humanitarian sector, discussing and reflecting on positionality and wellbeing with such depth as during the book circle, has greatly contributed to my own safeguarding strategies. It also permitted an honest and safe reflection space to analyze past situations. I'd wholeheartedly recommend the circle and look forward to following Gemma's continued work within this space."

Maurice, UN staff member

""Gemma is a humble, caring, and powerful facilitator who leads with grace. Her book reflects the long and rich journey she's taken to come to refine her understanding of and proposed solutions for this sector, which we should all take to heart."

Anonymous, Peace on Purpose