Wellbeing Advisor and Facilitator for Aid Sector Professionals and Change-Makers

Wellbeing is a collective effort.                                  Let’s bring our humanity back into our organisations.

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Drawing on 15 years of work within the sector, cutting edge doctoral research and my own journey out of burnout, I am here to transform our working environments and our capacities as change-makers.

I support individuals, organisations and social movements to cultivate a sense of purpose, deepen their awareness of who they are and how they can connect more meaningfully to people they work with.

I offer wellbeing practices, workshops and advisory services that build feminist values into all that we do - values of inclusion and connection, respect for diversity and difference, and a commitment to collective care.

I believe it's time to completely change the way we work, and how we relate to each other as change-makers. Time to stop living by old systems and values that leave us stuck and disconnected from ourselves and each other.

My work benefits anyone who wants to be authentic and live and work by their values - and that includes you! I am on a quest to create workplaces and communities that respect and celebrate who we are and how we got here, and all we have to contribute.

What are you contributing? Get in touch, I'd love to hear from you!

Want to see some of my media work? You can find me on France 24, Voice of America, Open Democracy  and this podcast.



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