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P1050797Depending on the mood and the audience, I’m an aid worker, researcher, writer, human rights defender, yogi, conscious explorer, activist. I’ve lived and worked in Uganda, Kenya and Palestine. I’ve spent a lot of my time getting angry – at Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni’s military campaign in northern Uganda, at the country’s oppression of sexual minorities, at Israel’s illegal occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, and at Kenya’s continuing legacy of impunity. Burnout and self-doubt are very familiar to me, as they are to most aid workers. I’ve overcome these experiences through yoga and meditation, but only in recent years and following what could either be called a breakdown or an awakening in 2012. Up until then excessive drinking and partying were my ways to escape the darkness. I continue to explore different coping mechanisms and (healthy) self-care methods for aid workers, trying to put them into practice when I can whilst also studying a Phd on the same subject. And occasionally drinking wine.

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