Wellbeing Advisor and Facilitator for Aid Sector Professionals and Change-Makers

Wellbeing is a collective effort.                                  Let’s bring our humanity back into our organisations.

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I provide support to aid and development organisations to be more compassionate, caring and inclusive. Drawing on 15 years of work within the sector, and seminal and cutting edge doctoral research, I offer research, workshops and wellbeing practices aimed at transforming our working environments and our capacities as change-makers.

Wellbeing in the aid sector is not just about making oneself feel better. My work aims to bring awareness to how particular belief systems and working practices run through organisations and perpetuate a damaging culture that leaves staff feeling unsupported, unappreciated and fearful of speaking up.

I believe that it is everyone’s responsibility – management and staff – to work together at changing the way we help ourselves, each other, and the communities we serve. I am here to support you in the process of self and collective care, so that we truly embody our humanitarian values.


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